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Hyannis Emergency Dentist

Where can I find a Hyannis emergency dentist?

Toothaches are about as common as they are inconvenient. If you’re experiencing any order of dental pain or discomfort, your Hyannis emergency dentist is here for you. At Advanced Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, their experienced dentist doesn’t only provide first class cosmetic and implant dentistry services, he also offers a full menu of general, restorative, and emergency care. Committed to providing the compassionate, gentle, and state-of-the-art treatment you deserve, whether you’re suffering from jaw pain, have damaged a denture or bridge, or have a cavity; Advanced Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry has got you covered.

Hyannis Emergency Dentist

Much of the dental literature points to cavities as the most common source of an aching tooth. While, statistically speaking, cavities are usually to blame, there’s a surprisingly diverse range of underlying issues which can lead to oral pain. Impacted molars, abscesses, dental trauma, such as fractured or avulsed teeth, not to mention damaged or broken fillings, bridges, and dentures are all among them. There are even cases of sinus and ear infections which have been shown to closely mimic the pain felt with a toothache. Your Hyannis emergency dentist is highly trained, and makes use of the most leading edge diagnostic technology to determine the precise underlying source of your oral pain. Once your tooth pain is diagnosed and treated, you’ll have the opportunity to repair your tooth with the most beautiful restorative options available today. Whether you should require a direct filling, or dental crown, your Hyannis emergency dentist leaves no smile behind, offering porcelain inlays and onlays, tooth colored fillings, and a variety of customized crowns, artfully designed to provide seamless results.

At Advanced Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, you can trust that you’ll be in excellent hands throughout every phase of your oral care. For the first class dentistry experience you deserve, contact your Hyannis emergency dentist at the number below.


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